“ You cannot solve a problem from the same level of consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew” Albert Einstein ( attributed)

Rosalyn Sober’s practice is a multi-media exploration but one increasingly using the medium of oil paint. Whilst Rosalyn looks to inject a warmth and an empathy, her work envisages a lost certainty and seeks beyond the observed to a shadowy unravelling of boundaries. Entities and elements are often incomplete, are suspended or broken in time or dimension. There is a questioning or unease in a figure’s purpose or being.

Rosalyn sees her work as confronting personal and wider loss of people, place and security. All is not desolation, however. Works can also commemorate that which has broken away and is lost, and it often searches outwards towards a potential transformation; a new or rejuvenated ‘breath’.

Rosalyn Sober (b.1967, London) trained at Central St Martins and the University of Hertfordshire, graduating in 2007 with a BA Hons 1st Class.

Rosalyn has also curated exhibitions, most notably a collection of 10 artists’ work centring on the Holocaust in a public space in Pinner, Middx in 2015.

In 2019 she founded an annual Whitefriars Studios Sixth Form Youth Art Competition for the Harrow Area, set up as a free to enter community project, with the second annual Competition completing in March this year (website www,whitefriars.org.uk)