Rosalyn Sober

oneyeargallery, Luton, December 2007

Works exhibited at oneyeargallery

The train journey took 1.25 hours. What was there then? There were no windows, the world was closed in.

Old track ran alongside, disused.

Progressively more wooded. Sunny. Shadows of trees and paths. Less wooded. Flat.

Meadows, sunshine. Watchtowers. 2 tons of dust coloured hair. Enormous red army built blocks. Starvation cells. Regimented photographs of murdered Polish prisoners, -photo, date of birth, of arrival, of death. Graffiti, nailscratches. Sunshine. Hole in barbed wire. Gas chamber, crematorium .

Red and yellow coach. To rest of the ‘Museum’ .Tracks. Expanse. Selection place. Left and Right. Deathwalk for mothers and children. They went together and died. I went alone without my children and we have survived. Ruins of chambers. Water tank required by the insurance in case of fire. Bomb shelter for an officer. Red and yellow coach.

Camp one quieter. Still very hot. Saga coach, Th Luns Turistbusser, Holksund Norge.

" Except for a few depraved individuals, no official political or social elements nor the Polish people let themselves be drawn into collaboration with the occupier".

Went back to gas chamber. Much emptier. Chilly. Had enough.

Taxi to Jewish Cultural centre. By the 1930’s the town of Oswiecem had a population of 12,300, 7,000 of whom were Jewish. Beautiful shul. Testimonies of the few survivors told of a happy place. Pretty village.

Scalded by spilt tea. Train late. Nirvana CD.

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